E-Learning – Affordable and hassle-free delivery of engaging content

Belmont Tech’s range of full-service innovative and e-learning solutions enable companies across industries to impart impactful knowledge and learning experiences. We develop custom e-learning courseware that includes online games and simulations along with blended learning solutions for our customers.
Our extensive experience enables us to work relentlessly towards creating the right kind of content that is best suited for both the organization and the learners’ requirements.

Our e-learning services include

Course development

Design content delivery plans for structured learning outcomes using animation, graphics, pictures, video and audio based content assets based on the learners’ requirements.

Course enhancement

Analyze gaps in the available content and convert static lifeless content into an interactive learning environment by selecting the right ID strategy.

Strategies to derive maximum ROI from existing courseware

Devise cost effective approaches to maximize the reusability of available content by analyzing the existing content and packaging it based on the learning outcomes.

Content localization

Translate e-learning content and digital assets into practically every major.

Key Highlights

Proven Methodologies

Our e-learning solutions are built upon a proven methodology based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. We ensure that every learning type (Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor) is collectively considered when designing, delivering and evaluating learning solutions for maximum effect. In a nutshell, our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners.


Effective learning does not happen by chance. It is a result of a series of steps that begins with careful planning and a transparent process through designing, development, implementation and evaluation. Our solutions follow ADDIE’s efficient five-step design and development process thereby ensuring a smooth project flow and optimal results.

Talent Resource Pool

Our vast network of talent includes Instructional Designers, SME Consultants, UI Developers, Graphic Designers and Programmers Testers.


Our core focus is in the following verticals & areas: