Assured Quality

In today’s competitive business environment, testing in an application or product development cycle is no longer an option, but a given in an application or product development cycle. Considering that multiple technologies are converging to create products and applications on diverse platforms, it has become all the more imperative for specialized testing services to ensure seamless business continuity.

At Belmont Tech, we are not just about testing; we ensure reliability. 

Quality is at the heart of our independent testing solutions.  We strongly believe that testing should be initiated at the very outset of a development lifecycle and incorporated in every aspect as development progresses.  Our solutions combine the rigor of quality verification and validation along with the need to minimize risk, development costs and time-to-market. We ensure that our customers achieve the optimal testing solution for their unique requirements across industries.

Services You Can Leverage

  • Testing management & consulting services
  • Core software testing services:
    • Functional/regression testing
    • API testing
    • Performance/load/stress testing
    • Compatibility/configuration testing
    • Localizability/localization testing
    • Usability testing
  • Test Automation
  • Data migration/conversion testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Specialized testing services
    • Security testing
    • Games & multimedia testing
    • Mobile testing
  • Industry-specific testing and validation services

Key Highlights

  High-quality product releases

  Cost optimization and significantly lowers TCO

  Predictable time-to-market

  Minimized business risks