Our K12 content is so aptly designed that looks into various aspects of new age learning environment for our students, at the same time, forms the part of organizational asset.

Our K12 content is rich in terms of user experience, presentation and value delivery. The content’s UI is designed taking into consideration the age group of the students, making the learning sessions even more lively and indulging.

With constant interactivity built into the system, along with the objective assessments, the content makes the class learning truly rewarding.

We provide K12 content covering following subject knowledge ares:

  • EVS (Environmental Science)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Key Benefits

  • Any where any time learning!
  • Best educational solutions for K-12 classes
  • Interactive solution
  • Available in English for all classes
  • Mapped to CBSE/NCERT/State boards
  • Ready to use modules
  • Fully animated, interactive lessons