nhance LMS – Supercharge Learning & Development

GA Tech’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Assessment framework is a comprehensive, web-based delivery system of rich and interactive content. Based on our proprietary platform, ‘nhance’, LMS enables our customers to build and manage their knowledge bases efficiently – providing right information to the right person at the right time in the right context. This in turn facilitates better communication and collaboration within the departments and with external bodies, and creates   new dimensions to learning.

  • LMS evaluation and selection
  • LMS implementation
  • Skills Analysis
  • Assessment strategy
  • Training for end user and administration
  • Project management
  • Learning consulting
  • Easy to use authoring tools
  • Robust security infrastructure and cutting edge technologies
  • Comprehensive functionalities for course, instructor, participant management and assessment
  • Provides value based cost of ownership
  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure
  • Available on a variety of implementation models

Leverage nhance LMS for

  • Online and distance learning programs
  • Online/internet based assessments
  • Sales training
  • Employee & Partner training